Signs Your Gas Hot Water System May Need Repairs

Instantaneous gas hot water heater on the side of a house

Signs Your Gas Hot Water System May Need Repairs

Gas is one of the best hot water systems you can have in your home. They’re efficient and cost-effective and they typically last for many years without issue. That said, gas hot water systems are still mechanical devices and, like any mechanical device, they can sometimes break down or need repairs.

Here are the signs that your gas hot water system may be in need of some attention.

Mineral buildup

Hot water systems are exposed to a lot of water and that water can leave behind minerals like calcium and magnesium that can damage your piping, your skin, and the performance of your gas hot water system over time. These minerals accumulate inside your unit over time, causing blocked valves, damaged components, or preventing heated water from reaching you. As a result, mineral buildup must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to keep your gas system from working harder than necessary and eventually breaking down.

Cold water at the start of your showers

If you’re experiencing an initial burst of heated water, then cold, then a return to hot, this is known as a “cold water sandwich”. If you have multiple people in your household taking showers one after the other, it’s likely that the cold water sandwich is due to cold water that’s been sitting in your unit’s pipes. This can be remedied by turning on your shower to full hot for a minute or two before hopping in, which will help flush out the cold water. Thankfully, this cold water is only temporary and can be remedied with a quick fix.

Cold water during your showers

Are you getting blasted by icy water during your daily shower, or do you have no hot water at all? Older units are more prone to this issue as they are nearing the end of its lifespan. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how aggravating it can be, especially first thing in the morning! If your hot water system is not heating at all or is struggling to do so, you should definitely have a professional have a look. It could be a simple repair or it may be time for a replacement.

Ignition failure

To heat your water, your instant gas system must ignite an internal burner; however, if your heater fails to ignite, your water will be cold. The most common cause of this problem is a faulty gas supply, so make sure your gas valve is fully open and a supply of gas is connected to ignite your internal burner. If you don’t have a problem with gas supply (which you can test by running other gas appliances in your home), you may have a problem with your ignition pack, which should be looked at by a professional.

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