NRG Customer Emergency Plan – Cyclones

NRG Customer Emergency Plan – Cyclones

When Storm Is Imminent:

  • Turn off gas cylinders if safe to do so.  (The cylinder valve turns off in a clockwise direction)
  • Ensure cylinder chain is secure if chained.
  • If external hot water units are power assisted turn unit off at power point if it’s safe to do so.

When Threat Has Passed:

  • Inspect gas system for damage. (If in doubt, leave gas turned off and contact NRG for assessment)
  • Ensure gas cooking appliances are turned off.
  • If safe to do so turn gas cylinders back on.
  • When electricity supply is restored, power for hot water units can be turned back on if it’s safe to do so.


  • Gas installations and appliances immersed under flood water will need to be inspected and tested by an experienced licensed gasfitter before use.
  • Do not remove or attempt to repair damaged gas pipe work or appliances – this must be undertaken by a licensed gas fitter.
  • Always use portable gas appliances outdoors in well-ventilated areas and turn off gas cylinders when not in use.

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