Compliance – Hot Water Heater Replacement

Compliance – Hot Water Heater Replacement

Attention: Property Owners

RE: High levels of hot water heater replacements found not to meet Compliance standards

Is your hot water heater compliant?

In July this year the QBCC posted an update on the high rates of non-compliance associated with hot water heater replacements with up to 40% of all installations failing to meet required Compliance Standards.

There were many key defect identified including:

  • Insufficient insulation on inlet and outlet
  • Tempering valve not installed
  • Safe trays not installed
  • Overflow lines not discharging
  • Incorrect orientation of solar collectors
  • Failing to lodge a form 4

You can view the full list of defects here.

At North Regional Gas we sell, install and maintain hot water systems every day, ensuring we meet the required standards each and every time. This ensures you, the customer, never has to worry about compliancy issues ever again!

For more information on whether or not your work is compliant, contact the experts in the field for the right advice first time.



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