How to Use the App

Step 1. 
Head to the App Store or Google Play and type in North Regional Gas. Here you will see the NRG logo.
To download the App onto your portable device, click on ‘Free Download’ or ‘Install’.
Once the download is complete, click into the App from the NRG logo on your home screen.
Step 2. 
To set up an account, click on Register Now and fill in your name, email address, provide a password along with your email address and phone number.
Step 3. 
The first time you order using the App you will need to provide an image of your Gas System Compliance Certification. The data plate containing this information can be found in your electrical meter box or mounted to the wall above your cylinders.

Step 4.
You can take a photo of this plate using your mobile device by clicking on the camera function.Once you take the photo, you may see an orange screen come up to indicate the image is resizing.

Step 5. 
You may need to search for your image in the document file on your mobile device. Once the image is found, click on the file and it will automatically transfer to the App.

Step 6.
Next you will be taken to the ‘About Access’ screen. 
Here you will need to accept our Terms of Access. Please read through the teams and if happy click on the Accept button. If you have any concerns, please contact our office.

Step 7. 
You will then be required to click on the last link prompting you to Add Card Details.
A screen will come up allowing you to ‘Add (your) Credit Card’.
Please enter your card details and then hit the button that says “Add Card.”

Step 8. 
Here you will be asked to enter your gas requirements. Choose the size and quantity of your gas cylinders by clicking on the plus and minus symbols.

Step 9. 
If you have not paid the Yearly Rental Fee for your gas cylinders you will be asked to do so here. 
This is a standard maintenance fee required by all gas suppliers for ensuring the safety of gas cylinders.  The cost is $25 per cylinder per annum.

Step 10. 
The App will then prompt you to add any Special Delivery Instructions you may have.

Step 11.
You will then be asked to Confirm (your) Purchase.
Please check the details carefully and if the details are correct click ‘Confirm.’

Step 12.
You will then be presented with a screen that says Transaction Completed. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is approved.